How to meet a russian girl from Sochi

Well, it is quite difficult to describe yourself as it is always subjective. My friends say I have a split personality as I possess a mixture of opposite qualities. E.g. I’m rather conservative in such matters as family life or relationships between men and women. But in many other spheres I’m quite modern. I’m cheerful and easy-going at home and with my friends but calm, serious and self-disciplined at work. I’m well-read, educated and broad-minded, so I’m sure we’ll be able to discuss lots of different subjects. I’m fond of cooking. Most of all I like to bake pies and cakes. I also like to cook Russian national dishes. I adore traveling. My dream is to visit Paris. But now, as I’m a student, I can afford traveling mostly around my region. I also like reading, especially adventure and love stories. My favorite foreign writers are William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Alexander Dumas, Sir Walter Scott, Jane Austin and Emily Bronte.